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Let’s find out why you should choose Midlands Lining for your companies road markings. It’s not just about our experience. It’s about the quality and professionalism of our work.


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Why Road Markings Are Important

There are various types of road markings, signs and smybols which can be found over the length and broadness of roads throughout Ireland. It is on account of these road markings that motorists, pedestrians and cyclists have a clear understand of the roads guidelines. Road users rely on road markings on a daily basis as there is an increased volume of traffic on todays roads. It is vital that our roads are mapped out and signed clearly ensuring the safety of road users at all times eliminating risk factors. Road markings convey a continuos message to keep vehicles aligned, control traffic and to alert motorists of potential hazards.

Road markings integrate with signs already in place on the road side. These road markings separate traffic from paved footpaths, cycle lanes and bus lanes. White lines are used to align traffic in driving lanes, car parks and on highways. Coloured surfaces, signs and symbols grab road users attention much faster regular white lines. These coloured surfaces are also used to highlight areas such as bus lanes cycle, lanes speed ramps and specialised car spaces. 

Why Choose Us

Here at Midlands Lining we offer a wide range of services from Thermoplastic lining, Pre formed thermoplastic, MMA cold paint, Coloured surfacing and Anti skid surfacing. We cater for all size projects whether it be carpark markings , warehouse and factory markings or highway markings. Our team takes pride in having worked on all major roads in major counties such as Dublin, Galway, Cork, Mayo and Limerick. 

Our expert talented crews work 24/7, 7 days per  week throughout Ireland. We can assure you that all jobs will be finished to schedule with only the highest quality of work.

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What Our Clients say

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We used Midlands Lining in our distribution centre in Nass for external line painting. Since then Midlands have joined our team of Aldi approved contractors.


tesco logo via homepage

Really satisfied with the work carried out by Midlands Lining. Their crew worked so hard to meet our time schedule to have our car park back open in time. Thanks again.


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